Tables in Exhibit Hall

In 2019, shared and individual exhibit tables will be located in a dedicated 1500 square foot room, from 3:15 to 5:30 PM each afternoon; off hours, the room will be secured. Tables may not have access to electrical outlets. Space is limited.

In the diagram below, each numbered spot indicates a space to be reserved. Table sizes and locations shown are approximate.


Five foot and eight foot tables are available:

  • Five (5) foot table: $100

  • Eight (8) foot table half (four feet): $60

Exhibit Tables.jpeg

Reserve a Table

To reserve a table, do the following:

  1. Select your table size and quantity, and click Add to Cart. The reservation form will appear.

  2. Submit the form. The reservation fee will be added to your cart.

  3. Visit your cart and check out. A member of the conference committee will be in touch about your reservation.

from 60.00

Five foot tables cannot be subdivided. Eight foot tables are split into two four-foot halves. To reserve an entire eight foot table, select two (quantity = 2) half tables.

Table Size:
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