It takes a village to make the conference possible. Volunteers are needed before, during, and after the conference. Please consider donating your time, energy, and talent.


  • Conference Photographer - Document all aspects of the conference for use in publicizing the event and in the next program book. The high resolution photos are to be delivered to the conference director within two weeks after the conference by DropBox, Google Drive, DVD, or thumb drive.
  • Volunteer Coordinator - Oversee staff of volunteers; assign volunteers to specific roles. Manage volunteer-related issues and questions.
  • Registration/Check-In Desk Attendants – Coordinate with Registrar to welcome attendees as they arrive; provide conference materials. Verify registration and payment information.
  • Official Showcase Desk Attendants – Sell entry tickets to members of the public, assist with showcase performers' CD sales before, during and after showcases. Help maintain quiet in the lobby.
  • Official Showcase Assistant Stage Managers - Help manage official showcase performers on and off-stage; run the Green Room. Reports to Stage Manager. Needed at sound check 4-6PM.
  • Workshop Setup – Help make sure workshop rooms are set up and well marked, that presenters have what they need, and monitor the clock. Report to Conference Director.
  • Runner/Floater – Be available to run an errand offsite or take care of unexpected matters on site. On-call position; car essential, local knowledge and Wednesday availability desirable.
  • Mentor Sessions Coordinator – Manage signup for mentor sessions. Make sure mentors are aware of session locations and schedule. Report to Conference Director.
  • Guerrilla Showcases Hall Monitor – Help keep down the noise level and traffic congestion in the hallways outside guerrilla showcase rooms.
  • Break Area Manager – Handle all aspects of breaks, including storage and set up of snacks and beverages. Report to Conference Director.
  • Sunday Morning Cleanup - Gather any conference-related materials left behind on tables, lobby, etc. Discard or retain as appropriate.

If there are other ways you want to contribute, just let us know!