It takes a village to make the conference possible. Volunteers are needed before, during, and after the conference. Please consider donating your time, energy, and talent.

  • Volunteer Coordinator - Oversee staff of volunteers; assign volunteers to specific roles. Manage volunteer-related issues and questions.
  • Registration/Check-In Desk Attendants – Coordinate with Registrar to welcome attendees as they arrive; provide conference materials. Verify registration and payment information.
  • Official Showcase Desk Attendants – Sell entry tickets to members of the public, assist with showcase performers' CD sales before, during and after showcases. Help maintain quiet in the lobby.
  • Official Showcase Assistant Stage Managers - Help manage official showcase performers on and off-stage; run the Green Room.
  • Workshop Setup – Help make sure workshop rooms are set up and well marked, that presenters have what they need, and monitor the clock. Requires advance work on Wednesday evening.
  • Sign Maker - Make and display signs for workshop rooms, showcase rooms, etc.
  • Runner/Floater – Be available to run an errand offsite or take care of unexpected matters on site. On-call position; car essential, local knowledge and Wednesday availability desireable.
  • Mentor Sessions Coordinator – Manage signup for mentor sessions. Make sure mentors are aware of session locations and schedule.
  • Guerrilla Showcases Hall Monitor – Help keep down the noise level and traffic congestion in the hallways outside guerrilla showcase rooms.
  • Break Area Manager – Handle all aspects of breaks, including storage and set up of snacks and beverages.

If there are other ways you want to contribute, just let us know!