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SERFA Conference 2019: Essential Information

Our host facility, The Chattanoogan, delivers every facility-related request that our attendees have asked for in our post-conference surveys. It’s a four-star hotel with all the amenities you might expect, from in-room coffee and refrigerators to a bar, a full service restaurant, and the option of vegetarian and vegan meals. Conference workshops, exhibit hall, open mic venue, and guerrilla showcase rooms are all on the same level in one wing of the hotel. Here are the essential items you need to know:

  • Meals. Unlike previous years, meals are no longer included in your room reservation. Communal dinners on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights are included with conference registration (one-day registration includes dinner on the selected day). Wait staff will plate our meals and serve. Communal meals for breakfast and lunch on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday are available for purchase individually.

  • Room cost. The conveniences of the hotel come at a cost — rooms are $169 plus tax. You may wish to share a room with another attendee.

  • 10:00 am start. Thanks to our more flexible facility, we can start our day a little later. Workshops will not start until 10:00 AM.

  • Flexible breakfast. Breakfast will be available from 6:30 to 10:00 AM.

  • Parking. Unlike our former location, the hotel has ample parking in a covered deck, albeit at $8 per night with unlimited entry/exit. Oversized vehicles will be accommodated.

  • Conference event improvements made possible by our new location:

    • Exhibit hall will be located in a dedicated room with specific hours; off hours, the room will be secured

    • Guerrilla showcase rooms accommodate thirty; lights are dimmable and walls are designed for decorating

    • Open mics will be held every afternoon in a listening room environment

  • Plus, perks of being in Chattanooga:

    • All registrants are invited to a free event Wednesday night with food and cash bar at Songbirds, the combined venue and guitar museum three blocks from the hotel

    • Collaborations with Chattanooga’s vibrant local musical organizations in a city that expressed a strong desire to host our conference

    • A location closer to the center of our region, served by three interstate highways and a nearby airport