Guerrilla Showcases

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Guerrilla showcases are a late-night feature of SERFA that provide artists with additional performance opportunities. Guerrilla showcases take place after official showcases on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, starting at 10:40pm and running until 2am. These showcases are held in Assembly Inn meeting rooms and sleeping rooms. Sizes vary from a capacity of 30 to 60.

Guerrilla showcase rooms are managed by a host, who pays a small fee for the opportunity to showcase the artists of his/her choice. 


Host Guidelines

If you're interested in hosting a guerrilla showcase room, read the guidelines below. Selected hosts will be advised by February 15. Once selected, a per room per night fee is required. Hosting is limited to two nights. Payment and performance schedules are due by April 1.

  • Hosts must be registered for the conference.
  • Announce the availability of your room via the SERFAfolk Google Group. Provide your email address so interested artists can contact you directly. Communicate with individual artists off-list. When you've filled the available performance slots, communicate this via the Google Group.
  • Guerrilla showcases are acoustic only. Amplification is only permitted by exception (for electronic keyboards, for example). If an artist requests amplification, contact the guerrilla host coordinator prior to granting the artist a performance slot.
  • As a host, you are responsible for setting up and returning the room to its normal configuration at the end of each night.
  • The use of candles is not permitted.
  • If you distribute materials promoting your room/artists, you are responsible for collecting these materials from common areas/tables and disposing of them at the end of the conference. 

Artist Guidelines

Subscribe to the SERFAfolk Google Group and watch for emails from guerrilla showcase hosts offering performance opportunities.

Hosts may announce their rooms via the SERFAfolk Google Group or contact artists directly. SERFA will not publish the host list until the conference program book is complete in April.

  • If a host you're interested in posts to the SERFAfolk Google Group, contact the host directly (off-list) -- and quickly -- these slots go fast! Our list moderators will delete any posts between an artist and host.
  • As you receive responses from hosts, accept no more than four performance slots so there are ample opportunities for others. If you perform in an official showcase, limit your guerrilla showcases to three.
  • Guerrilla performances are acoustic; if you require amplification, advise the host. Amplification permission is granted on a case-by-case basis.
  • Arrive early for your performance and end your set on time.
  • If you distribute materials promoting your performance, you are responsible for collecting these materials from common areas/tables and disposing of them at the end of the conference.