Lodging & Meals

Conference registration fees do not include lodging and  meals - these are the responsibility of each conference attendee. 

Spring weather in the mountains can vary. Bring casual clothing, a sweatshirt or sweater, an umbrella, and comfortable walking shoes. Free Wi-Fi is available. 


SERFA works with Montreat to block a number of rooms, most of which are in the  Assembly Inn. Various room/bathroom options are available. If you wish to share a room (or arrange rides to/from the conference), send a message to the SERFAfolk Google Group


Meals are a great part of the networking and community building opportunities at SERFA. Plus, the food is great. During the conference, a hot breakfast, lunch, and dinner are provided. A meal plan can be included with your room or purchased separately. These meals are the only food available on site. Please advise the Montreat staff if you have special dietary needs; they will gladly try to accommodate you.

If you are not staying at Montreat and want to take part in meals, you can pay for the meals you'd like. Contact the conference center.