Statement Against
Discriminatory Legislation - NC HB2

Unanimously passed by the SERFA Board of Directors, April 15, 2016

The Southeast Regional Folk Alliance (SERFA) has found a home in the Asheville Area these past six years at the tranquil Montreat Conference Center to host our annual conference. We welcome all to attend, who are interested in the promotion, education, and furtherance of acoustic music in our region.

In light of the “Public Facilities and Private Security Act” HB2, which was hurriedly signed into law against normal due process, SERFA will continue to welcome all regardless of sexual preference, identity or gender, without regard to religion, nationality or race. We encourage unity and decry “legislation” that fosters discrimination, prejudice and fear. 

Montreat’s own website states: “We will continue to invite our conferees, guests, and visitors to use the restrooms in which they feel most comfortable.”  SERFA, our attendees and the Local 1000 Musician’s Union stand together in ensuring non-discrimination for all who attend. Folksingers have a long history of standing up for the oppressed and against injustice, and we will continue to raise our voices against this legislation.

The backroom politics that created and passed HB2 is a blight on the face of North Carolina and SERFA is proud to stand with the majority of not only North Carolina citizens but the American people in general, businesses, artists and religious leaders who are advocates of equal rights for all and against HB2.